Thursday, October 1, 2009

Show this Friday!!!

So, I don't know who reads this, but for anyone who does, we have a show THIS FRIDAY at Lee Hall 111. 8pm, 5 dollars at the door (but there are dollar off coupons all over campus and our website, plus if you go to the show before a show it's 2 dollars off).

The first half (Short-form, the stuff that looks like Who's Line is it Anyway) is looking really good. Some games we haven't played in a long time, some favorites, and one or two brand new games. That's really all I'm at liberty to say right now.

The Second Half (long-form, about as long as an episode of a t.v. show, all improvised from one suggestion) is a LaRonde. For anyone not up on their improv Jargon, a Laronde goes through an entire chain of characters discovering their lives and unseen connections.

Finally, in Nocturnal Soup (an extra dollar, but we just saved you one so you owe us) we're going to show off our versatility with some wildly different forms. There's music, there's pictures, there's other stuff, come out and see it.

Last but not least,
Mock Turtle!