Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blackbox Improv Festival

We just got back Sunday from one of my favorite events all year, the Blackbox Improv Festival in Atlanta.

It was as crazy as ever, filled with some of the best shows and workshops you can get. We performed a Flashbacks set on Friday night (right after we got there) then had the rest of the weekend to take it all in. There was a lot to take in.

The rest of Friday's shows were awesome, and actually included a Chicago sketch troupe called One, Two, Three (so it's not all made up on the spot) and Sideshow (an idea just crazy enough to work).

Saturday had 3 2-hour workshops a piece, subjects ranging from Death in a Scene, to Solo Improv, a few of us even (accidentally) took the Musical workshop. So good.

The troupe that ran the Musical workshop (Recapitulation) had a show at one of the venues so some of us saw that while others saw another musical from Girls, Girls, Girls. At the end of the night two of the venues shut down and everyone tried to get in to Dramatech to see The Naked Stage and The UCB Touring Co, both of which I would love to see again and again.

Overall, a pretty kick-awesome way to spend a weekend.

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