Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This School-Year has already been Crazy

For starters, we had our first year of 100% retention, so all your favorite turtles are back for another year of face-melting comedy. Then we had a show of face-melting comedy.

So much fun, from Shakespeare's Nightmare and Elimination to the Flashbacks longform.

Then in Nocturnal Soup, another month of stand-up from Ben, as well as a new game called "S#@% on Rush's hopes and dreams." Then Jeremiah and Tyler performed as "Emotional Ineptitude" as members of some kind of crazy carnival. The end of the night saw a bold and different show from Alums Jason and Meg (as Micha and Mira in "Kinda like Jesus").

And if that wasn't enough, we just finished Auditions (a 4 day process) and now have four new members: Larissa, Lena, Alex, and Raymond.

Yep, another year of Mock Turtle Soup is definitely underway, and I can't wait. Is it the October show yet?

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